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     Greg Roller has been a recording engineer, music producer, and film score composer for over 30 years.  known for his  humor, speed, and mastery of the recording arts, he has helped to make the dreams of many young, aspiring artists come true.  He recently completed his 4th solo album, which can be heard below. So, he is not just a ‘knob turner’, but an artist as well, Understanding the world of creation!
     After 3 years of college, 1 year of electronics, and another in a trade university, Greg graduated from Full Sail Center For the Recording Arts in Orlando Fl in 1990 and begin his professional career in California working with Hip hop and rock music. He then found opportunity in Utah, working with film scores and television/radio spots while working at several facilities, LA East Studios, Sun Pictures, Vine Street Studios, Telescene Communications (channel two) and others. Later he moved to Oklahoma City to work at Trinity Broadcasting Network (live television broadcast) and Paladium Entertainment. (Recording live musicians for the top 20 tracks of the week for resale to various karaoke vendors.)
     A work opportunity led Greg to Branson, Missouri as engineer at Caravell Recording studios, away from the crowded big cities-where he pursued his dream of opening a recording studio of his own. He co-founded and built Roller Music Pro Recording Studio in 2007, with the artists' needs in mind, putting an emphasis on acoustical engineering in a creative work space, created and groomed from more than 20 years of working in studios across the country.  As you can see in the photos, it is a very unique, relaxing and efficient studio environment. 

     As a musician, engineer and producer, Greg connects easily with artists and has tremendous respect for creating and fostering a "studio vibe" that's performance friendly for both new and established talent.
     Though he is best known for working on, pop, rock and country projects, Greg has recorded and mixed just about every genre of music you can imagine: orchestral recordings, big band, R&B, dance, gospel, soul, blue grass, reggae, choral, film/TV soundtracks and movie scores.

Film Work

Below Film audio mixing and

music Score by Greg Roller

"Poetic Injustice" short Film

All audio and video by Greg Roller

Film Score and script by Ricki Holmes

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