Roller Music Pro is a professional recording studio located in Branson MO featuring the best of both vintage Microphones, tube and modern digital tools. Capable of full band recordings with complete isolation, without the feeling of isolation.
  • The Midas M32 With 7 separate stereo headphone mixes, and 32 simultaneous tracks able to be recorded at once.  We can easily handle your full bands recording. with full customization of each players mix totally isolated without the feeling of being isolated.

  • From modern to vintage tube and ribbon mics to the old faithfuls.  The choices are varied warm and wonderful.

  • Although the effects rack behind the consoles are a thing of the past, out board pre amps are not.  We have many different choices from solid state Neve esq, and vintage tube pres to choose from. In fact if the effect rack were behind the console today it would be 50 feet tall with all the amazing choices.

  • Warm and true Wharfedale nearfields

  • Big and bad Tascam VL A8's plus 15 inch sub

  • Sony MDR 7506 and 7510 studio headphones


Need a little help with your instruments and amp sound

  • Drums set up, ready and professionally tuned.

  • Keyboards weighted and non weighted, with every thing from piano and organ, to the highest quality sounds of brass, strings  and much more.

  • Several full guitar rigs and guitars to choose from, with warm and chunky tube amps ready and set up

  • Running Cubase and Sonar DAW's with 100's of top name plug ins including the latest in names like Waves and Vienna Strings.

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